T1 Analog CIC Hearing Aid

A modern and completely “in-the-canal” hearing aid. Practically invisible, with automatic calibration. The hearing aids are perfectly designed for those concerned by the aesthetics in the wearing of hearing aids.

In-the-ear Mini Hearing Aid

A lightweight hearing aid, suitable for the left ear only
Successfully amplifies sound
Extremely comfortable, hard to notice

Digital CIC Hearing Aid

Bands: 4
Channels: 2
Noise Reduction: up to 6dB

Ultra Sound Amplifier

Sound amplifier helps to amplify sound by up to 30x with minimal background noise.
Features an inbuilt battery which is convenient for recharging.
Fully charged replaceable battery which can last 8-10 hours under continuous use.

E31 RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid

High-speed DSP chips
Intuitive noise reduction
Built-in intuitive feedback suppression

Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aid

Small, almost invisible, comfortable to wear, prominent for their stylish design and natural sound amplification.
Rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery.

Mini Adjustable Tone Hearing Aid V-188

Fabulously small and hardly visible.
The device is easy to insert, and is suitable for severe hearing losses.
It may be worn in either ear.

All purchases include

full postage costs direct to you AND a 12-month warranty on our Hearing Aids!


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